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Originally Posted by Falclon View Post
Can you post links to this outfit? :3 I would also cosplay Asuna but can't stand that white outfit.

I watched the first episode of this the day after it came out and didn't really like it. Then last week when I was home sick I decided to give it another try....and finished the whole show in one day. I LOVE Silica's outfit (this one) and really want to cosplay her in the future. I like Lisbeth's as well but it's too similar to some other cosplays I have planned.
well unfortunately all of her outfits are white, except for the spoiler one for the manga.
that's some of the photos that I found. at some point i'm going to download eps 3 and 4 (and perhaps 5? i can't remember when she had this outfit) to get more screencaps, but this shows the basic idea.

Really I went to and typed in 'Asuna sword art online' and looked through all the images

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