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So Arda-Wigs had their 10001LIKES sale this weekend, so excitedly I decided WHY THE HELL NOT?! I had been eyeing the Jasmine Wig and the Malinda for a LONG LONG TIME (Since July) so I jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on them ones the Wig sale began. I decided to give them an extra chance since mostly everyone is raving about their wigs and not their wefts.

Now onto the review that I am dreading of making since the wigs just got here today and I kept telling all of my friends to buy from them, going with the flow of "ARDA'S AMAZINGGG' bandwagon only to be severely disappointed.
Since I bought two wigs, I shall be making two separate reviews.

Name of Product: Jasmine 064 (Black)
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description: Attached Ponytail wig.

Pros: Its an attached ponytail. .__. Thats the only pro I can see at the current moment.

Cons: Jesus Christ, I don't know if this was because they were having a sale or they really do not care about the packaging. At first I was like, "OH SNAPS. THEY PUT THEM IN A BOX." But then I opened the box and see the Jasmine wig wrapped around in layers of plastic. I'm like "Hn..that's a strange way to package...a wig." So I unwrap it, and the wig TANGLES. the ponytail part of the wig was just frizzy. To the lack of my better judgement, I did what Arda's website says. I took out the ponytail so I can mount it onto my head and redo the ponytail. PFFFT, nope. Its IMPOSSIBLE to fix this wig on your head in order to get the proper height that you need for whatever ponytail needs you might need. The wig slips off (Arda did warn about this, so I guess its not much of a con) and even with the three combs (that are on the undersides of the wig and for some reason the top comb is not even CENTERED and its off to the side.) I guess I could fix it, if the damn wig fibers didn't get in the way and tangled every time I touch it. I swear I feel like I need to use the Silicon Spray method on this wig to make sure that I won't have a ponytail bag of mess.
Now onto the wig fibers.
What the hell has everyone been raving about?! I have gotten silkier wigs on Ebay for $20 + free shipping that do not tangle this much. While combing the wig in order to style it and to get the tangles out (wide tooth comb mind you), the wig decided to shed. A brand new wig, shedding on the floor as I am trying to style this to a tighter and higher ponytail. I have gotten wigs from Clarrissa's Kids on Ebay, and it took 5 brutal washes, and hair pulling brushes until the wig started to shed. All bashing aside. The wig fibers are not silky. I can barely get my fingers to go through it without running into tangles. They aren't coarse but hell, it sure does not look like real hair like the rest of my wigs from Ebay do.

Also, it is not even a real ponytail.
Did I forget to mention that?
As I took the ponytail out, I noticed something strange in the back of the wig's cap. As the fibers are parted to the side or something, there is a mass of short, short wig fibers, all matted and frizzy. Now, I don't know if that is a pro or a con, since I would imagine that more wig fiber = more hassle but it looks so bad when the fibers aren't layered over each other properly.

I shall be taking photos of what I am talking about since I might be ranting about stupid things.

Overall Rating: (0 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) 4.
Yes. A 4. Even if it is my first Arda wig, my expectations were not even remotely met. I have heard only good things about them, but..this was hardly a good thing...And it was extremely expensive as well.

Name of Product: Malinda 014 (Titanium Blonde)
Where Purchased:Arda Wigs
Product Description: A wig perfect for gravity defying spikes!

Pros: Right color.

Cons: Its so THIN. WHAT GRAVITY DEFYING SPIKES ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT?! I was messing around with the fibers, trying to see how 'thick' Arda claimed it to be, and BAM moved one layer of fibers, ginormous hole of wig cap can be seen. I was appalled. I even asked them specifically on their Facebook page what wig would be good for styling Yugioh style hair and they told me to wait since they have a perfect surprise for DBZ, Yugioh and any other character with insane spiky hair. So I did. And I waited. And waited. Then AMG THE MALINDA CAME OUT. I was so psyched with this wig, that I was imagining how epic it will be to not have to deal with adding wefts to add thickness and fullness to this wig that was supposed to make my life easier.
They forgot to add that you need to buy a pack of wefts when purchasing this wig. Thankfully I bought some in July that should of been a clear warning to what Arda clearly seems to be so now I have to figure out, how to get the wefts out of the knots (silicon spray anyone), and get it onto the a wig that was specifically made to be spiked and needless of adding wefts. :/

Overall Rating: (0 being the lowest, 10 being the highest)
A 2. Seriously, the fact that I wasted money on this wig, just because it was the right color, is pissing me off the more I think about it. I expected so much more out of Arda but its been such a damn let down. :/

I am going to stick to Ebay for my wig purchases for now on if I ever have to buy another wig. I am sorry Arda, but you lost a customer that had so much faith in you. :'[

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