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My recomendations:

Hitman Reborn; it starts off pretty odd, but after the first 20 episodes it gets amazing
Blue Exorcist; Amazing show, but the ending could've been better.
Soul Eater; Just like Blue Exorcist, amazing show but the ending wasn't too good.
Yu Yu Hakusho; I love this show, it's quite funny and the action is great.
Tegami bachi; One of the most unique shows I've seen in a long time, but it left a lot unexplained.
Ruroni kenshin; I haven't seen all of it yet, but it's terrific so far.
Slam Dunk; Haven't seen all of it yet, but I'm really liking it. The main character is a complete moron, but in a good way xD
Death Note; Probably one of the greatest anime ever made.
Angel Beats; Great show, but quite depressing.
Madoka Magica; Great story and one of my favorite soundtacks ever.

Sorry for the long list, I kept thinking of more shows to add as I was writing it xD

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