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Mako's Pants

Hey guys. I could really use some help. I found a pant pattern for Mako's pants that are exactly like his. (Here's a pic. They're pant 'B'.)

Now, the major problem I'm having is I can't for the life of me find a suitable fabric for the pants. It has to have some stretch to it but nothing I found at Joanns seemed like it would work. Can anyone help me out here? I'd really appreciate it. And for some reason after I finished cutting the pattern out, the front pant leg piece is about an inch shorter than the back leg piece even though I cut them both on the corresponding line. Any tips on that as well?
Also, I see a lot of people using cotton (Kona perhaps?) for Mako's jacket but all the cotton fabric I find seems to thin for something like a jacket. UnlessI'mbeingsuperpickyoneverything.
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