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Originally Posted by J-tective View Post
Hey guys. I could really use some help. I found a pant pattern for Mako's pants that are exactly like his. (Here's a pic. They're pant 'B'.)

Now, the major problem I'm having is I can't for the life of me find a suitable fabric for the pants. It has to have some stretch to it but nothing I found at Joanns seemed like it would work. Can anyone help me out here? I'd really appreciate it. And for some reason after I finished cutting the pattern out, the front pant leg piece is about an inch shorter than the back leg piece even though I cut them both on the corresponding line. Any tips on that as well?
Also, I see a lot of people using cotton (Kona perhaps?) for Mako's jacket but all the cotton fabric I find seems to thin for something like a jacket. UnlessI'mbeingsuperpickyoneverything.
I'm not super sure about the pants but as far as the Kona cotton goes for the jacket, yes, the cottons are really thin. But if you line the jacket as well and perhaps use some interfacing it'll work out just fine. I've used Kona cottons for jackets before doing this.

Just don't use them for pants.
I totally made that mistake just last week (im going to blame the fact that I made them during midterms) ..and I now have see through pants. Anyways.
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