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I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for storing/traveling with a Toph wig. About a month ago I moved twice and while my other wigs fit all nicely in a bag..well..Toph wigs dont. And my car was totally loaded with stuff so keeping it on a wig head (which by the way..doesnt work with the cheap ones because its so back heavy) wasn't an option. I ended up putting it in a drawer of a little dresser thing I had. Just laid it back on the bun inside thinking it was safe.

And it sort of got ruined.
I pulled it out and the fronts not straight anymore and all the hair is just..yeah well. its a mess. I have to take it all apart and I guess wash the wig and hope it straightens out again.

Anyways, tips anyone? I want to know a good way for the next time I travel to a Con or something.
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