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Originally Posted by Black_The_White View Post
I was wondering if anyone had any good tips for storing/traveling with a Toph wig.
I've never done Toph, but I do have a backheavy elaborately styled Padmé Amidala wig. I always keep it on the wighead unless it's on my head. It usually ends up propped against the wall or tilted over sideways, because it's so heavy. I used a ton of hairspray in styling it, so I'm not too worried about bits coming undone as long as it has the internal support of the wighead. When I'm traveling, I put a grocery bag over the wig and bundle the whole thing in a large black garbage bag. I usually pack it separately in the car, not in my suitcase. If you can put it in a dedicated cardboard box, that helps too.

This summer I went to a con halfway across the country and shipped a bunch of stuff. I wedged this wig and a Princess Leia cinnamon buns wig, on their heads & in bags, in amongst my Zuko armor and other things and fedexed the box to the hotel. They arrived just fine.

So the key, I think, is making the room to keep the wig on the wighead. That underlying support is crucial.
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