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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Woo, my favorite episode..
Anyway, so you are trying to recreate where L first touches the Death Note and sees Rem?
If that is the case, It will be VERY difficult without at least something that looks like the inside of a helicopter. If you want to just make a newer scene with the atmosphere of L seeing Rem for the first time, then I feel this place has that feel to it just looking at the angle you have. So If you are looking to do that, then I say yes. Make sure you are allowed though too. Like asking someone that works there.
Yeah thats what I'm aiming to recreate

I was thinking it was going to be highly unrealistic to have the inside of a helicopter to recreate the scene excactly (espically given the scene itself is at night, there is potentially one location that may be like it, however thats inside a game arcade), so I was looking at somewhere that had the same feel as where L sees Rem for the first time.

The only other location I could think of, which I thought of later, was this:

I'm pretty sure the first site I linked to is under the control of the City of Melbourne (or the Public Transport Commission), so it's public property. The second site though might not be the same...

(if anyone from Melbourne stumbles upon this and knows any more suitable place, please comment :P)
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