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Originally Posted by ashe2kawaii View Post
I'm also looking for some if any want's to recommend. I'm 5'10 and weight 160-163. I've had tons of Yoruichi, Yuffie, Sailor Pluto and Luka recommendations. (So they are already in the plan)X3 I'm open for Crossplay as well.

I have one image on my profile of a recent Shura cosplay, but here are two more recent images. Front Image and Side Image
omg first i have to say you're real pretty. You would make a great Urd from "Ah My Goddess!".

Originally Posted by antisocialist View Post
You honestly would make a very cute Chibiusa. You would be able to do a lot of the cuter cosplays just because you have a very cute face.

For Matt 25 - you would make a really amazing Cloud Strife. or even England or America from Hetalia.
never thought of chibiusa, thank you!

Any more suggestions?
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