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Originally Posted by tsutaya View Post
This is true. There are very few I haven't gotten carded at. Mainly in St. Mark's. Everywhere else I've been carded so far.

Also interesting how I'm still the only Enchantress in the list... I thought there would be at least one other. Anyone know the times at all yet?
I haven't been carded here in all my underage years. Maybe it's just luck!
Under Consideration:
Hepzibah (with the Corsair), Scarlet Witch (with Quicksilver), Dagger (with Cloak, 2013 Ultimate editions), Mythic Cassiopeia

Chosen, In Planning:
Carmelita Fox (with Sly Cooper), Riza Hawkeye (with Roy Mustang), Red (with Subject Unknown)

Under Construction:
Ravager, Emma Frost (with Namor, Phoenix Five editions)
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