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Originally Posted by Hime no Toki View Post
The Ren Cen looks absolutely gigantic! Is it easy to get lost in? Or are convention activities mainly dedicated to just a certain area of the Center? Plus I know Youma has the Cobo as well this year, but I'm just hoping my first year won't be spent trying to navigate my way from point A to point B!
The Ren Cen can be a little confusing at first. What really helped me (I have a horrid sense of direction) was on Thursday night after we picked up our badges, we did a photo-scavenger hunt which forced us to scour the whole place. We learned which escalators went where and how everything is basically a big circle!

So, in short, if you can afford the time, just go wander the halls and take a personal tour. Because on Friday, everything breaks loose and it can be even more difficult to navigate since there are so many people! Of course, it may be a little better this year since Cobo is involved.
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