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Originally Posted by Michi View Post
That makes me sad, 'cause I really liked the demo. I was gonna wait until it got really cheap, haha.
If you liked the demo, then you will probably like the game. When I played the demo, I thought, "Hmmm, the fighting is sort of repetitive." But it seemed like it might be interesting in other ways so when I saw it for cheap I picked it up. Really - it's not a bad game. Mostly I thought that there was not enough variety in the levels and the bosses were long and tedious. If I were better at fighting and could move through things faster, I might have stuck with it. I liked a lot of things about it but after four chapters decided that, for me, it was more effort than it was worth.

I am loving Ninja Gaiden Black. But, man - this game is hard! Maybe not Demon's Souls hard. But still really hard.
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