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BioWare 2013!

Hello to the gamers!

This is a thread for anyone planning on cosplaying from BioWare's games (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc) for Anime North of next year.

Depending on interest, I'd love to organize a meetup and photo op at some point on the weekend.
So, step right up and post what costumes you're planning on doing! Suggestions on day, time or location for the meetup are very welcome, since I would like to try accommodating as many interested parties as I can.

Date, Time & Location


Mass Effect
Commander Shepard - ReJecT001 (m), cherimoon (f), Aria O's friend (m), tiikay (f)
Miranda Lawson - jukebox, Aria O's friend
The Illusive Man - my brother (maybe)
Samara - Aria Overload
Tali'Zorah - Aria O's friend
Kasumi Goto - Aria O's friend

Dragon Age
Hawke -cherimoon (maybe)

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