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Originally Posted by phantomthief View Post
Hey gurl heeeey~ (It's Ari, btw)

Movie Hawkeye here for Friday and Saturday (Ubisoft canceled its planned AC event so I might skip AssCreed this con *gasp!*), Kate Bishop Hawkeye in her circus disguise on Thursday and a bit of Sunday (where I'll have a matching comic Hawkeye with me)
Ahhhhhh Ari!!!! -hugs-

I saw. I'm more than a little pissed that Ubisoft just up and cancelled that. One I saw that I was like, yep don't care about finishing the Pioneer now at all. I have until March now so whatever. I knew I wasn't going to be part of the Ubisoft thing..because well you saw how the letter was worded..but I was still gonna go hang out over there looking all badass in my Pioneer outfit even though I didn't want to participate in anything.
I feel bad for you and Chris. Especially Chris I think, because he was so excited about Ubisoft having an event or something at NYCC.

But yay, this means more Avengers!!! Definitely have to hang out on Friday.
Do you still have that whole group for Avengers?
And our Hulk had to drop out, you don't know anyone who might be interested in taking her place do you? (The outfit would not be hard to put together, so nobody would have to worry about getting it done in time.)

Anyway, I'm going to update this over the weekend, so if you don't see your name on the list right away, that's why.

And @tsutaya; I was going to do Enchantress. But then..I wasn't sure if I'd have time to finish my sister's costume for our group thing Friday if I worked on Enchantress too. And I didn't have money for the corset I wanted for it. And yes I could make a corset but...there are some things I just don't want to put myself through while school is going on too. So, I just have to wait for winter break, or wait til I have enough money to buy the corset.

But I'm so glad you're doing Enchantress!! It makes it all the more special since you're the only one so don't worry!

Oh, just to everyone generally. Like I said, updating the list this weekend. We need to finalize a Sunday gathering time too!!
And if anyone out there wants to be our 'loli' Hulk for my group on Friday, that would be amazing.

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