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Originally Posted by J-tective View Post
Ah, thank you so much! This really helps me. This gives me a better idea of what to look for. I really appreciate the help and suggestions! Your Mako looks rad.
I actually bought two colors of suiting fabric for Mako's jacket but I'm still iffy if I want to use it because it's not that heavy but it's definitely sturdy though. I'm mainly concerned with the weight of it holding up for the collar.

Also, did you use a pattern for your pants that was appropriate for your fabric? Maybe if I changed patterns that don't use stretch material, I could go back and see what fabric I can use. I saw more non stretch fabric than anything.
Thank you!

The twill I used really wasn't that heavy, it just draped in a way that I liked for the jacket. Between the two layers of twill, the bias trim (also made of twill), and a layer of light interfacing, it held itself up quite nicely. If your fabric is too heavy to stand on its own, get a medium or strong interfacing and sandwich between the layers.

And alas, I drafted all of my own patterns. However, you should be able to find knicker patterns pretty easily, especially now with Halloween. Both Mako and Bolin's pants are actual knickerbockers (which made me far too happy), and 20s fashion never fully went away. They may be called newsboy pant or 1920s something or other, I just know that I tend to see patterns for knickers around this time of year. Being able to use a non-stretch definitely will help to find a suitable fabric.

I actually still need to fix Mako's collar, but you can't see the mistakes when Scarfy is on. ^_^
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