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Name: Atobe, Taran, BlakBunni, SearingRay.
Character commissioned: Red Link (Hat, Pants, Shirt, Arm Gauntlet, Undershirt, Necklace, Belts, Pouch.)
Series: Legend of Zelda.
Links to pictures of your commissioned item:
Timeline: Less than one month!

Describe your Experience: This is my second commission with her! I am once again blown away by the talent of this commissioner! Her measurements are spot-on, the colors match exactly to how I wanted them to, and the quality is top-notch. She is incredibly talented! She's an artist and a very responsible and professional commissioner. She draws, paints, makes jewelry, and is very talented in so many artistical areas! I contacted Atobe in the beginning of February this year, I found her gallery on D.A. and I saw that she was taking commissions. Immediately I contacted her and asked her if she was willing to take this order. I've commissioned her for three cosplays, this is the second one that she has finished. She's a joy to work with, she will always reply to your notes and your emails with incredible speed and she is very VERY patient and VERY RESPONSIBLE. She did a wonderful job packaging it and it arrived in perfect condition! My experience with her through the whole process of the three commissions has been a wonderful one. Specifically speaking about this commission: She always showed me pictures, discussed measurements, and I'm very pleased with the result. I will definitely commission her again!

-Packages Neatly and Safely
-Sends a Tracking Number
-Replies quickly
-Explains in depth what she will do
-Shows you LOTS of pictures, and keeps you updated!
-She is a wonder to work with and she's very honest and a sweetheart to work with!

Cons: 0, NONE

Final Grade: A+++

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