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ALA Fashion Show 2013 Accepting Applications!

The fashion show at Anime Los Angeles is accepting applications for the 2013 show. The convention may be a few months away but itís never too soon to send in entries. All styles are welcome and appreciated! This is a place for all you budding designers to show off your hard work.

There will be TWO full membership passes for Anime Los Angeles 2014 as grand prizes for our SINGLE GARMENT and MULTIPLE PIECES categories!

Professional quality is not a requirement. If you have a garment that you're not sure if qualifies but would like to enter anyway, do it! Not a single entry had to be turned away in the several years the show has been running. So what does qualify? Anything Japanese fashion inspired that you or a friend made that hasn't been in the show before. The point of the show is to have fun and show off while doing it. Even if you don't think your sewing skills are up to par as long as you can wear it it's good. Often times the clothing in high end fashion shows (where you have one of a kind pieces for publicity) the garment isn't the best made piece in the world. That doesn't stop it from being striking and worth the time and effort.

The fashion show also accepts entries for single garments; for example, if you have made a Lolita JSK fitting the requirement, but the rest of the outfit is bought items, you are more than welcome to display the entire item so long as it is made clear which items are made and which are purchased.

Donít have a model? Not a problem. If contacted before the event a model can be found for your garment. All weíll need is the measurements. All sizes welcome. Feel free to model your own clothing or have a friend do it.

The theme for Day 3 of Anime Los Angeles this year is Victorian Gothic. Whether or not your garment/ensemble fits this theme WILL NOT affect judging, but it will mesh in quite nicely with the rest of the convention. Nifty!

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below and Email it to us!
All entries and questions should be sent to:


Name (as it appears on your badge):

Contact email (that we can reach you at):

Model(s):(if you're modeling your own garment just put your name here again. If you need a model then please put that here as well.)

How would you describe your garment?

How long have you been sewing?
(This is an optional field)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and anything you'd like mentioned about the garment(s)? (This is what will be mentioned by our announcer during the show.)
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