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Doctor Who Photoshoot!

Thought I would post here about the Photoshoot coming up.

Not just Doctor Who! SJA & Torchwood also!

When: Sunday October 14th!
Time: 2:15pm
Where: See photo!

If you want in please RSVP 2 ways [Not on here]

a) Join the Facebook group. After you join you can follow the event page and leave your RSVP.

b) Leave an ask in her Tumblr box with your Tumblr name, what costume you expect to/will wear, and if you have any plus ones.

Scarecrow/Brother of mine from Human Nature Episode hopes to see you there!
Whovian, anime/manga & toku-lover!

NYCC Cosplay(s)
Kitsune - OC [Black kimono w orange ears/tail!]

Li Who [Doctor Who Con] Cosplay(s)
Scarecrow/Brother of Mine & Osgood

Yay for Doctor Who Scarecrows! Nay for people who think I'm from BPLP or Batman

WhereisMyDoctorr [whovian/other things] & PhillipxEiji [Toku-related] on Tumblr

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