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Bought these for my friend's morrigan cosplay actually, haha.

The made her eyes "glow" green, they looked insanely intense and phantom-like. Definitely fantasy though, and not natural.

These guys were what I used for my yuna cosplay(in blue and green). They were very bright over my dark grey eyes, and enlarged quite a bit. Definitely more natural, but still colorful.
They make your eyes look kinda like glass, or like doll eyes.

Also, I've ordered from this site for 2 years, and they are very trustworthy. The contacts are always shipped in a nice container, you get a free case, and the vials are never past expiry date. I've run into a lot of sites that will send old contacts to you. And I have sensitive eyes, so that's a no no. They also offer prescriptions on almost all of their lenses.

I hope you find a pair that works for you! xoxo
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