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Name of Commissioner: Moemall
Character commissioned and series/video game: Tia from Avalon Code (Full costume: undershirt, vest, scarf, coat, skirt, stockings, sash)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline (how long your order took to process): I paid on 19 July and received it on 27 September. They said the processing time would be 10-12 weeks so it was pretty quick!
Describe your Experience: It was my first costume, but I had already been to moemall's physical store and saw the quality of their costumes so I wasn't as nervous as one might think. There was a bit of hesitation at the start however, because although I knew their pre-made costumes were nice, I hadn't heard anything about commissioned ones before. Overall, it was a very fantastic experience.
The costume itself is pretty damn nice, they got the details down pat and stayed true to the references. The color choices of the fabrics were so nice, I'm glad they didn't make the coat pure red! It fits pretty much perfectly, albeit a little bit big on me even though I gave slightly smaller measurements? Not a problem, though! I'd prefer it being bigger than too tight.
There was an incident when they sent the first set of preview photos and they had actually gave the jacket a hood when it wasn't supposed to. After I informed them of their mistake, they fixed it within a week no problem.
Communication was great, they always answered any questions I had, and replied really quickly.

The only problems I found with the costume is that they didn't use appropriately shaped buttons on the vest, they were just pieces of fabric that looked like the buttons. They also forgot to sew buttons on the cuffs of the undershirt even though they had sewed holes and everything ahha.... nothing bad, it's unnoticeable underneath the coat anyway.

Definitely happy with my purchase, I'll certainly be buying from them again!!
Final Grade: A
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