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@ MDA: Awesome!!! Yays! Progress for you!!!

@ Tifaia: I think Ryoko-demon's tutorial is the perfect place to look for help with Rose and you are right, at least it's not as massive as Jessie's wig. :P As for COD, poor her, being placed in the back burner, just simmering... :P Ha ha, actually I totally understand. What the heck was I thinking doing all these projects??? As for other Dissidia characters.... um do they have to be Dissidia? For some reason Faris came to mind.

@ FinalEVA:

Wacom: Sounds great! I am excited to see them.

Jigsaw: Ah okay good to know. I guess I will just see what my options are when it gets closer to Christmas. I am all for keeping things cheap though!

Mascots: Oh how funny, well I am glad we all had the same idea though. I have already followed a similar tutorial and it really seemed to work for me. As for the fat suit, I know they sell some on Amazon if you ever want an official one. I think it's basically a glorified pillow though. Making it out of spare fabric is a good idea too. At least it helps clean up the scraps that are just sitting there gathering dust. :P

Workout: I have been doing okay with the workout lately. I have been walking, but I haven't been as dedicated as I was a few weeks ago. Like you, work and life have just been really busy. I hope you are sticking with it though! I am trying to as well.

Tape dummies: I am glad the dummy process went so well. It really is pretty easy except the cutting the person out. There were a few times I could have sworn Eric was cutting me and not the dummy. :P I am certain it will be helpful for Cecil's armor processes though!

Terra and Long Term Projects: I really hope I get the chance to do a Terra shoot as well. It sounds like October is getting pretty busy though, so we will just have to wait and see. I do agree though, winter is very suitable for her. I am super excited for the snow shoot as well!! I am sure I might have something else to say about it when I am standing in the snow dressed as her though! :P I think I can pretty much guarantee that Gestahl will not take as long as Dart's cosplay. Haha! Like I said, once you get started, you won't want to stop.

Your Update: I am glad the fiberglass is still going well. As for the slow part, all of my artist/cosplay friends are saying that this month... I wonder if there is some curse or spell cast on all artists/cosplayers this month. "Your art shall progress at a snail's pace this month!!" In any case, even small and slow progress is still progress at least.

Something Dissidia Related: I like the idea of both Dark Cecil and Setzer. I don't see many cosplaying either. Is Dark Knight Cecil's armor about the same as his regular armor? If so you could always pattern out the Dark pieces while working on the regular. It will save yourself some time at least!!

@ Everyone else: Hello's! Come back when you can.

Cosplay Updates: Absolutely nothing... Something about a September spell/curse making me move at a snail's pace... yeah. It's not Dissidia related, but I am trying to work on my SS Zelda and making new designs for my TP Ganondorf so it looks better and it's pretty slow going. I still need to make new Terra earrings (that is Dissidia related, woo!), but other than that and a slight touch up of paint on the sword, I think she is done. I also still need to work on updating Edgar and I think I want to spruce up Sabin as well... So much to do but not enough time I guess. I hope everyone else is doing well.

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