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Originally Posted by animazn View Post
So I'm crossplaying Black Star from Soul Eater. I know he's crazy and all but how do I portray that in a photo? I need to be more masculine cause I'm not at all xD Any tips?
I'm not familiar with the character or the show, but here goes:

If the photographer can control the lighting (e.g. flashes and/or reflectors), have the main light coming from underneath your face. The "usual" way is to light from above and slightly to the side, so light coming from directly below the face will give an unsettling look to the portrait. Crazy, demonic, ghoulish, creepy - call it what you will.

Raise your head and look down your nose at the camera. Open your eyes very wide so that the whites of your eyes are very pronounced above the irises. This will definitely give you a "crazy" appearance.
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