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Personally my take on the entire steampunk aesthetic is more of incorporating Victorian elements into my everyday life. As a result I consider my style neo-Victorian more than anything. As a result I do my best to blend modern technology with items which have a Victorian aesthetic.

For instance the primary computer in my home has a wooden keyboard and mouse with brass accents that I made myself. The monitor has been painted brass and mounted onto am old brass lamp filled with buckshot to help steady it. My router was made from 3 old mantle clocks, is also a working clock, and houses my DSL modem and USB hub. The speakers are made of old –style radio music boxes. Then the CPU itself is built into an old cathedral style burl walnut clock case with brass hinges and a copper cooling fan for the main chip itself. All of it sits on a reproduction wooden desk with a leather and wooden executive style computer chair.

However my efforts are quite amateurish compared to Datamancer and The Steampunk Workshop. Those two can be found via the following links: and
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