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Originally Posted by * Ichigo * View Post

I am working on a sister of battle costume (with evazote/foam), but I'm having issues with my leg armor pattern. I wanted to try pepakura to get a flat paper version of it, but I never used this program... and I can't seem to understand how it works.

Can someone help me, either with my pattern or with how to use pepakura, please ?

Here is the costume I'm working on :

The part that is problematic for me is the black armor on the calf.

Thanks in advance
Here are some links for everyone


Pepakura Imperial Guard Armor:

Pepakura US Colonial Marine armor files. While not necessarily Imperial Guard armor. IG armor is based off of USCM armor, and it looks just very similar to it.

Examples of how to use it:

An example of the results: mV0b3f2h17S9nNA4YRT9wfyX6XMPw
Complete Cosplays/Reenacting kits
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Loner Faction ( S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat)
Russian VDV circa 1980s-today (Reenacting)

Future Cosplays/Reenacting kits
United States Colonial Marine (Aliens)
Imperial Guardsmen (40K)
101st Airborne Easy Company 1942-1945(Reenacting)

Future Cons
Magfest 2013
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