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I had a weird one a few weeks ago. It was an evangelion dream. I was the pilot of Eva Unit 7. It was a traditional blue color with a head more in line with Unit 1's. Shinji had left NERV on a secret project to unleash his physic powers. He had developed Dragonball Z like powers and fought angels that way. Well they waited on a blood test he was bought back to NERV. All of the other pilots hated him for turning his back on NERV.

A angel attacked and it looked like a origami bird with a sadistic personality. It could land on any object organic object and take control of it. We pilots were dispatched and the ways the EVas worked was different. They were small with an open cockpit then they transform into a full blown Eva. Shinji couldn't sync with his Eva and it wouldn't transform all the way. The angel attached to Shinji's open cockpit and took control of him. Shinji told the others that he killed the angel and that it was ok to open their cockpits. It was really trying to gain control of Rei.

I saw the angel on Shinji's shoulder and began firing. I free Shinji and he goes into an internal monologue about wither he wants to be a pilot or a fighter. He decides on pilot and he syncs with his Eva and kills the angel.
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