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Originally Posted by Kreyaloran View Post
I am very new to Cosplay, and this is the first thing I'll be doing. I want to do the Battlegear of Might warrior set, but im not sure where to start. Also, I have little to no budget, so the easiest things that still look nice would be well appreciated. So if maybe someone could message me ideas, or help, thatd be great. , there's a picture for anyone who's curious as to looks thanks for any help
Might is amazing, I would love to see that set brought to life! But I agree with Reformed that it might be hard to do with a low budget. Craft foam and expanding foam would be a cheap, yet attractive, set of materials to work with.

Haven't been on here in a long time but I wanted to say hi again <3 I'm doing Vengeful Gladiator's Battlegear (again) for Blizzcon. I've learned a lot about making armor and I'm already having a great time working on it, started sculpting the shoulders out of expanding foam and making mock-up armor out of card stock and craft foam while I wait for Wonderflex/worbla to arrive Just having trouble finding time to work on it (had a second baby 2 months ago!!).

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