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Suddenly, there is only a year and half until the biggest and best costuming event in the Known Universe. Qu'est que WHERE did that time go? Pretty much I've determined three things;

a)I really need to settle on some concrete plans
b)I really need to figure how to fund these plans

and c) does one actually transport all the costumes required for 4 days of events, masquerades and still have room for mudane things like...jeans? And fit them into the hotel room? When is more than one person in said room, and more than one person's costumes. Steamer Chest? Pack Mule? Hammerspace?

Such a predicament.... for such an awesome problem....
Cosplay Plan of Attack:

Warning! Warning! Incoming Costume Con 32!
Divert all Creative Subroutines for Maximum Awesomeness.

I'm working on them... I swear!
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