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Name of Product: Jett, Light Blonde; Short Wefts, Light Blnde
Where Purchased: Arda Wigs
Product Description:
-This rocking short spiky style has no skin top, just lots of fluffy hair on top.
-Short, crimped wefts stay exactly where you put them.
-Comb flat or shake right out of the bag for a wild look.
-Overall length of this wig is approx 2'' to 2.5''.
-All colors are heat resistant hiperlon fiber.
Pros: Love the color blend owo Nice golden color, though my parents called it Orange at first >.> The wig is really comfy and is a really nice boyish style to the point where I could probably pass as a boy if I didn't have D-cups .w. Wig fibers are nice and short to the point where they are impossible to tangle. Fast shipping, too.
Cons: The fibers are a tad bit coarse and the fibers don't seem to like spiking up like they advertised on the website. My biggest complaint, however, is the fact that they put too few wefts in the back and you can see through the wig a little bit. I had bought the wefts to make a ponytail, but it looks like I'm doing some wig repair as well ._.
Overall Rating: 9/10, my only major complaint was the quality of the back
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