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Originally Posted by JasonTerror View Post
Yea I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen with a helicopter..So you gotta really improvise lol I think that first one is better then the second one..They are both nice places to do it, but still the first looks more "Death Note"ish What is this arcade? Does it have an area where it looks like a heli looking into a warehouse? That would be the only think that would look right..
It's called the Degreaves Street Subway in Melbourne. It, as far as I'm aware, was built as a below ground passage to the citys main railway station, which has an entrance within the subway.

I've only been down there once in the past (in a rush) and thought only a couple of days ago it would be a good spot... I'm planning of going down to Melbourne next week so I'm thinking of having a look closely there for a spot that looks like it'd fit the scene next week. It's not mapped on Street View though
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