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@ FinalEva:

Wacom: Great! No rush, I know you are busy.

Jigsaw: Used might be a way to go, I will keep an eye out, but if you see anything you think might be a good deal let me know! Thanks.

Fat Suit: Omg... that's huge!! Ha ha!!! I guess what I was more or less thinking was a Santa belly. About how much fat are you looking for on a fat suit?

Workout: I am glad you are keeping up with it. I have been walking everyday this week, so I am not doing nothing. I still feel like I should be doing more but I am so tired after work. And though your job pulls you away from your workout, at least you are making more money. More to spend on cosplays.

Tape Dummies: Oh geez ha ha, well I hope it wasn't a bad cut. I did notice that the tape dulled my scissors as well. I was using an older but still good pair. They were pretty dull by the end so they became the wonderflex scissors. :P

Terra and Long Term Projects: I agree too. The colors are nice. Although I have to admit I thought the Figaro brothers would look good in Fall. Especially Edgar's blue armor with the autumn colors. As for Terra being unaffected by winter elements, I think you stumbled on the answer right there. I would imagine her Esper form handles colder weather much better. Although too, she was under the influence of the slave crown, maybe she couldn't feel anything at all?? I think the wig and the mustache are a great place to start for Gestahl! Wigs are always a pain for me, so I usually try to do them first if I can. As for the aging makeup, I don't think it takes too long, but you will get faster with practice for sure. I still need to see if Eric will make a tutorial for you.

My update: I wonder why this month has been so slow for progress. Maybe it is the anger of the cosplay gods. What did we do??? As for the fiberglass, a respirator sounds like a must when working with that medium. I have heard the particles are really dangerous. It's good to hear you are at the second layer though!

Something Dissidia Related: Oh wow... yeah Dark Knight Cecil is nothing like the normal version... But at least he doesn't have as many layers! I agree though, it does look like he lost muscle as a Paladin, which seems odd. Comparing the two side by side, it's tough to see that they are the same person. Oh yeah, no spoilers please! :P

Your Cosplay Updates: I am very excited for the Ganondorf shoot. I have all new designs on the armor and I really think it will make the costume pop even more. As for Terra's earrings, I will be doing a resin cast. I still have my mold, I just need to go outside and do it. :P As for Edgar, I have some more trim to sew on the costume and some slight alterations to the armor, a new wig (whenever it gets here), and I think that's it. Sabin also has a new wig (when it also gets here), and I want to add some trim to his costume as well. As for major upgrades, I am not really sure. I am open to suggestions though!!!

Current Projects:
Maleficent - 80%
Howl - 10%
Hyrule Warriors Zelda - 40%
Rapunzel - Tangled - 60%
Charlotte Elbourne - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust - 40%

Planned Projects:
Kain - Final Fantasy IV
Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy VIII
Beatrix - Final Fantasy IX
Sailor Moon / Princess Serenity - Sailor Moon (Someday!!)
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