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Pokemon: Gotta catch them all!

So it seems there are a few of us doing Pokemon this year (either the trainers or the gijinkas). I was reminded how many more are doing it, so why not do the photoshoot I was hinting at before?

Where: Meet up at Lobby (travel to Zoo if weather permits)
When: Saturday
Time: 2pm
Who: Everyone!

List of poke-players:
Ashley Ketchum - xx___envious
Dugtrio - xx___envious' friends
Pikachu - Serah
Iris (Back/White) - lovexviolet
Drifloon - lovexviolet's friend
Audino - solstis
Hypno - Jkid
Yellow - joystersm
Morty - iZan
Espeon - skyrawrz
Umbreon - Hitsutai
Team Magma Grunt - Zaruru
Beedrill - Max
Leaf - EternalZarya

So everyone, post your cosplay and when you think we should do this O:
We'll take a vote for when afterwards if we can't all agree lol
Easier to find me at <3

Next Cons/Cosplays
Magfest - Travelers (Journey)
Katsucon - Blake (RWBY), Nightmare Moon ballgown group, Shimapan-chan (night only), Sailor Megara, and Maid Stocking!

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