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Originally Posted by Lithium Flower View Post

How can someone so picky with food like the most awful candies? Gurd.

Speaking of boyfriend and food.......I just emptied out over 6 tupperware containers of leftovers I packed for him to bring to work. He likes the food, doesn't mind it reheated but for some reason just NEVER brings them to work and instead buys cheap and greasy gas station burritos or something....

He'll even mention "Oh i really like that and want some" but just wont grab the container of it when he leaves. Buh.

I will end this boy so fast. So fast.
He's just got terrible taste in food. End of story.

Honestly I'm the same way with leftovers. I either decide I'm not in the mood to eat the same thing twice in a row, or I forget to bring them on my way out the door and have to resort to fast food because I'm in a hurry. SO WASTEFUL.
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