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Originally Posted by penny_dreadful View Post
He's just got terrible taste in food. End of story.

Honestly I'm the same way with leftovers. I either decide I'm not in the mood to eat the same thing twice in a row, or I forget to bring them on my way out the door and have to resort to fast food because I'm in a hurry. SO WASTEFUL.
Boyfriend isn't human.

Or he's like, 3 years old. Juno does the same stuff. She'll want to get food and when someone get's it for her she takes one bite and doesn't want it. If it's chicken nuggets she'll eat like..ONE. If she wants an apple she won't eat it. She's like a tiny female Brando. /snicker/

I don't mind leftovers, some food too me tastes better as leftovers! Like chicken soup and chili. It's just funny that he's wistfully talking about how he really wants some of those left over garlic shell noodles but he left them in the fridge to die a slow death...

The other day I found something wrapped in tin foil and it was a piece of chicken Katsu that both of us forgot about. The icky part was I hadn't cooked it in like...over a week >__>

In most disturbing news here's this gem I found on Facebook:
Couple sexually abuses their dog.

If you don't feel like going to the website for it I'll sum it up:
A couple who are legally banned from being within a certain area of children, who have already been arrested for forcing a teen to perform sex acts on the wife, went ahead and started boning their dog.

How do these kind of people even find one another?
How do you find the other person in the world who wants to make out with a 13 year old and then have sex with the family dog?
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