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Originally Posted by Mesoian View Post

Yo, you should all buy Tokyo Jungle.

I would, but I need a new ps3 HDD asap. My 80 gig is full of games and saves.

Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
Well, I did just finish paying off my Code of Princess and Zone of the Enders HD Collection: Collector's Edition preorders. Most recent games I've actually acquired, though, Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes and Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, for the PS Triple. ...I swear, I normally don't like musou style games, but these in particular are quite fun, especially Basara. If you ever played a Dynasty Warriors game and thought there's something wrong with it, go play Basara. Pretty much fixes everything wrong with the formula.
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Solid game is indeed solid.

Borderlands 2 was the last game I bought. Was gonna scoop up RE6, but then I played that demo and HAHAHAH NOPE!
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