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What the heck, might as well add my spam, too. XD

Anyway, went to Ramencon last weekend. My planned second costume didn't look like it was going to be done in time (then my husband surprised me in that the wig showed up and he got the shirt done), so I was considering taking Ciel as a back up. But, arrrgh, there are so many little pieces! that and my jacket was falling apart. The fabric was wearing down near the shoulders.

However, since we've learned a lot through trial and error, we know what fabric will work better, so, hopefully by ACen, I'll have a refreshed Ciel. Should have actual matching shorts this time, too.

I also am hoping to do a different outfit in the future. It fits right in with what my husband has been wanting to make and I've only seen one other person do it. I'll be keeping that a secret for now, tho'. Ohohoho~
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