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Originally Posted by ladylemon View Post
I saw your cosplay! It was very nice! My boyfriend is a photographer, he took some nice shots, he'll be uploading those pics soon! If you gave him your card he'll probably send you the pics!!!

The event was really insane regarding the ammount of people... but great cosplays!!!

(I took 2 cosplays, one of Kasumi and another one of Shaina, Ophiuchus armor from Saint Seiya)

I remember meeting your boyfriend! He said his girlfriend was cosplaying, but I didn't realise it was you. I didn't get to see you outfit on the day unfortunately, but I have seen a few pictures of you on the internet. Both your cosplays looked really great! Especially the Shaina one. It's a shame I didn't realise you were there or I would have come and said hello.

Please thank your boyfriend for the photos. He took some realliy nice shots
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