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CAST LIST (Updated 2/14)

Pinkie Pie: Leftrightchu
Rarity: Jujumanji/friend
Rainbow Dash: Brokenblackrabbit
Twilight Sparkle: StarsCassiopeia
Applejack: SonicSilliness
Fluttershy: Akishira

NOTE: We WILL need more Mane 6 cosplayers for the big group shots! Any variant is fine.

Other Ponies/Cosplayers:

Queen Chrysalis: Anti-Shoujo, OsakiNana87
Neon Lights: Miyaki497
Twilight Sparkle: HatsuneMikuFan1, KaCrack (rule 63)
Princess Luna: Ben R. (genderbend)
Rarity: Kamikaze_Miko, cosplaygirl03
Sweetie Bell: DaniiChan
Discord: Throdien, PyremonInfernos
Spitfire: S-P-A-N (maybe)
DJ PON-3: Silent Chaos, gokulambo88
Princess Cadence: Shipszer (w/Shining Armor)
Princess Luna: EternalZarya, MarchMochaHare
Rainbow Dash: Joce11, PyremonInfernos’ wife (Rainbow Factory version),
Pinkie Pie: PyremonInfernos’ friend (Pinkamena-version), OsakiNana87, cosplaygirl03
Mare Do Well: Simpbass
Trixie: BunE
Big Mac: cosplaygirl03’s husband
Applejack: CosZelkova

But DANG I'm excited!
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