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If you are looking for a software that is easy to utilize, then I recommend the one created for Pfaff, and Husqvarna Viking. They run around 2000 dollars for this very crazy software (I will get this some day). I've seen it demonstrated to me, and if there is a dealer near you, I highly recommend that you purchase through them because they will give you the lessons you need to learn how to fully utilize your software. That software program will do as you like, take a stock image photo, and digitize it for you with a few clicks of the mouse, to designing your own embroidery patterns. It allows you to view your design on the fabric type, as well as thread conversion, giving you the exact thread color numbers from different brands of your choosing, and step by step thread change out.

if you get a program like that, they can usually adapt and convert to any embroidery file of your choosing for the machine that you own. These programs, may be designed for a specific machine, but they give you the option of configuring them to say a brother embroidery machine, or a singer futura as well as for say the Pfaff Designer Diamond, or Husqvarna Viking Designer series machines.

so my own recommendation to you, is to invest in the program, and you can utilize a cheaper machine than the one the sales person is trying to push on you because the files convert.

I dont know about the current machines now, and how amazing they are, but mine has an adapter for the laptop directly to the machine for embroidery purposes. I'm sure they are wireless now......
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