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Wanted to make a post because OMG I HAVE NOBODY TO TALK TO RIGHT NOW!!! I can has moar friends? owO

Name: Zach
Gender: Male
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Age: 21
Physical Description:I'm 5'10", have medium-length Burgundy-colored hair, spiked up in a Visual-Kei style. I usually wear slim fitting, long-sleeve, black button-up shirts and skinny jeans XD I'd say I have a unique style compared to most people, although I'd probably blend right in over in Japan lmao. I always dress stylish though, I enjoy looking nice! Click here for a decent picture of me.
Looking for: Anybody for friends, and females for dating (cosplay partners are cool too!). I don't care too much about distance, but somebody who lives in the same state as me would be nice.
Likes:Slice-of-life and romance anime. Clannad is my favorite, and yes I cried several times watching it haha. Some other favorites are Death Note, Eden of the East, and the Persona 4 anime (omg it's hilarious XD). Of course I love cosplaying as well! I'm also a bit of a computer nerd, but that's simply because I spent my whole life around them. It's not something I generally talk a whole lot about. Along the same lines, I play quite a few video games as well. I also really enjoy listening to Japanese music, mainly J-Rock. I'm one of those guys who listens to alice nine, Versailles, the GazettE, etc. all the time. Also, SUSHI!!! My favorite food in the world!
Dislikes: Country, most rap, and mean people. There's not a whole lot I don't like though =3
Personality: I'm a Pisces to a T, which means I get along well with Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio type personalities (as well as my own lol). I'm not really big into the whole Zodiac thing, but it's an easy way to mention what kind of personality I have. I'm pretty much always positive, as well as incredibly caring and sweet ^w^ I've also been called a "perfect guy" by quite a few people, so take that as you wish.
What I'm doing right now: Going to college, majoring in computer programming (there's my computer nerd showing there >w>), and also working at Target. I'm saving up some money as well to go visit my relatives that are stationed over in Japan right now. Hopefully I'll get to go there over spring break (need to brush up on my Japanese too... anybody here want to teach me? haha)

All in all, I enjoy meeting new people and just talking about stuff, so feel free to talk to me! Even if you feel like you don't have a reason XD
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