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Originally Posted by FuntomKitten View Post
Double-posting just to let everyone know - I went to a convention today, and found this really amazing wig seller who had a plethora of AMAZING Vocaloid wigs. They were all such perfect colors and styles, my god. I ended up sitting there for a good 10-20 minutes trying to decide which one to get, and after talking it out with myself with what I could and couldn't take care of, etc., I chose one.
And, now I have a BEAUTIFUL Gumi wig! This has to be the softest thing I have ever touched. And the color looks so good on me! A lot of people have said I would be a really good Gumi, I'm so excited to finally do it~
...I already forsee con antics, though. I have already braided the hair into a beard and I haven't worn it 10 minutes. xDD
And then I had to make a beard.
Ooh, do you remember who the seller was and how much it cost? o: I'll have to keep an eye out next time I go to a con.
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