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I'm planning a cosplay of Hatsune Miku from Hold, Release, Rakshasa and Carcasses. I've been looking at the art and this is what I've planned so far:

Twintails Miku-style black wig

Bright red contacts (realistic ones however)

Some sort of paint for the eyes on my palms and some non-rub blood paint.

Debating whether or not I should pale myself. It's supposed to be a creepy song and having white skin would be pretty cool...

Wearing kimono right over left (traditionally used for dead bodies)

The parts I'm having trouble with:

So I can go two ways with the clothes. I could go funeral wear which has all of the accessories (obi, obijime, furoshiki, geta) black except juban and tabi (which are white) and a mofuku which is an all black funeral kimono with five family crests. It's worn during the funeral of a close friend or relative.


I could wear an iromuji, which is basically an all black kimono and wear whatever color accessories. I was thinking the traditional geta and a red obi.

I could also wear a tomesode with a pattern on the bottom (easier to find as well). If I was anywhere near Japan I would never consider wearing the funeral wear but since I'm not and if I do it respectfully and accurately... But, anyways, I'm not sure which to pick for this cosplay. I'll be entering the Cosplay idol and singing the song as well, btw (not related but I'm excited).

Does anyone have tips on the type of paints I should look into for it? They definitely can't rub onto the kimono and they can't rub off while I sweat. It's a future cosplay so I haven't researched much yet.
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