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Originally Posted by iSeika View Post
So, guys instead of doing Miki since I found out that there
will be a concert I'm going to probably be doing Love is War
Miku now c:
I'll look for you at the concert, iSeika! I was considering switching my Stocking cosplay to Friday and my Luka to Saturday for the concert but I have a Magnet Miku going with me on Friday so I'm kinda stuck with the plans I originally made lol.
Originally Posted by MomokaStrae View Post
By the way, my friend is doing a last minute Kaito cosplay. I can't wait to see how many vocaloids turn up this year. I remember seeing about 4 or 5 different Miku cosplays, at least one Rin and Len, Luka, and Kaito, and I think I saw a Meiko, but I can't be sure. xD
I think last year there was a group of Love Ward Miku, Luka and Meiko! (I wanted their picture but never saw them when I had my camera D: ) But I saw a few basic Mikus and I met a basic Luka c: I also saw quiiiite a few Len/Rins!
Originally Posted by HatsuneMikuFan1 View Post
I am going to be default miku friday, meltdown miku saturday, and just be friends miku. i also have bjds. i will be bringing them. one has a vocaloid cosplay.
I can't wait to see your BJDs and your Miku cosplay! If they're doing the same BJD events as last year I might bring some of my Vocaloid Pullips since my BJD is waaaay to big to carry around like last year on top of my cosplay props lol.
Nekocon 2013 Cosplays~!
Friday: Fem!Denmark
Saturday Morning: Hatsune Miku (Rolling Girl)
Saturday Evening: Fem!America
Sunday: Matryoshka Gumi

future cosplays:
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Panty Anarchy (School Uniform)
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Stocking Anarchy(Casino Dress)
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