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Looking For Sailor Moon cosplayers to help me out with my webseries

Mercury: Vanilla Cake|Cosplayer:
Venus: Rum Cake|Cosplayer:
Moon: Carrot Cake|Cosplayer: Lilith Angel
Mars: Red Velvet Cake|Cosplayer:
Jupiter: Pound Cake|Cosplayer:
Saturn: Devilís Food Cake|Cosplayer:
Uranus Tiramisu|Cosplayer:
Neptune: Coffee Cake|Cosplayer:
Pluto: Ice Cream Cake|Cosplayer:

Hey there everyone. For those of you who donít know me. I run my own youtube/bliptv channel which is cooking for fans of all kinds, The Cooking Dojo. So here is my project. For those of you who arenít familiar with me. I did Omelets around the USA which had an Omelet that represented all of the 50 states. I am also creating appetizers to represent each country in the world. Now where do we go from there? The universe of course! This is where I need some help. I need some Sailor Moon Cosplayers to appear in my videos to help me represent the universe. Now I need one of each to help me out. Just message me for or post here if interested.
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