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Originally Posted by Moonmisery View Post
I didn't win anything, but I was really sad when I saw how some of the novice entries looked professional, especially the Halo group. I've only been sewing since December, and this was my first completely costume (I was Raven from DC Comics), and I found the competition is really hard. I'm not sure if the judges can do this, but I think they should bump people up a level if they're workmanship is at a higher level. Some people might not agree, but I don't know, I think it would make it seem a bit more fair to people who have really just started sewing/costuming.
I know they sometimes recommend to the cosplayer that they should move up. I overheard one of the judges telling iron man that his skill level was masters but since it was his first time in a masquerade he might like to stick to novice. I've also seen where if the cosplayer is under 13 but at a high skill level they move them up to novice from junior. The overall winners of the masquerade were also novices (though I do think I overheard people saying they had moved them to masters because they were just that awesome, though I could totally be wrong)
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