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After getting back from AWA and spending a good bit of my time in crossplay...I can safely doesn't suite me. Seriously, all you ladies out there, how in the hell do you put up with that stuff? Anywho, I digress.
For Friday I spent the entire day in aforementioned ballgown for Queen Victoria, minus a hoopskirt until later at the ball. By the time it was time to actually dance, my knee was so shot and my ribs so brusied, I had to deny my Ash a dance and just try to socialize and act as if I wasn't in pain. Dreadfully stupid on my part, however getting to know The Grell Show's Madame Red was an enjoyable experience that I don't regret.
Saturday, plans changed and I spent the day in Ciel; so much more comfortable and so many fantastic comments. I could have done without the creepy fangirls find it interesting that the fastest way to have photos taken is to fall asleep. I slept for least an hour or so in my Sebastian's lap and I was told that for a fact, there were 50 photos taken in about 20 minutes. That was by far one of my best conventions in a while, and had I not spoiled it with attempting Victoria on Sunday in a lolita-esque ensemble, I could have spent another entire day as Ciel and been perfectly content.
Speaking on personal touches...I added to my Ciel cosplay this time around; including a handmade Funtom styled Sebastian rabbit, complete with tail coat and contract, an eyepatch accented in red and gold to match the coat and a red and gold skull cameo that glows in the dark. Hopefully, I can post photos soon of all of my adventures.

PS: Dear Sebastian cosplayers....playing the "let's act like we raped Ciel" game is a little creepy :c
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