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Originally Posted by Alice MacLeod View Post
I am a transgender MtF and cosplay is the only way I feel safe in society at the moment. Without it I would go insane. I learned at my first con this year people didn't treat me differently like they do in society. I was like everyone else a part of a big family and it felt really weird. I am not use to that. In fact I had comments about my alice cosume which kinda scared me lol I was not expecting that one bit. I came from a family of heavy abuse so I am not use to people being nice at all actually.
I can relate to you. I'm transgender too, although the other way around. Ever since I finally came to terms with who I really am I've felt the most at home at cons. I've never had anyone be mean or judge me because I'm transgender at least what I know of. Heck, I've even had some people admire me for being honest to myself and open about it at cons. My best friends are people I've met at conventions. In everyday society I keep my distance and do my best to avoid people but in cons I feel most people are very open-minded and at the same wavelength, most are at least.

By the way, if you haven't checked this thread already you should do so, you will find that you're not the only one here!

Also, if you are transgender you aren't really crossplaying if you cosplay as a girl.. at least not in my opinion because you identify as a woman and therefore you are one. But well, that's up to how one wants to define themselves and I can't speak for you or anyone else but I don't consider myself crossplaying when I cosplay male characters. (at least not since I started being honest to myself)

Oh, and if you wish to talk to me more feel free to send a PM~
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