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Originally Posted by Alice MacLeod View Post
he only told me that today too when I was supposed to go out to my first ever steampunk toronto meet. He is really scared when I go anywhere and I end up going out in non conventional clothing ie male because of it and I dont feel happy like that but what can I do? I cant drive i have epilipsey im an insurance risk. i also have a panic disorder which comes from abuse which was inevitible. I am amazed I didn't panic at an actually I felt good there despite the fact I cant walk or stand well right now due to a recent siesure which caused a sciatica in my back prolly from how violent seisures get so im really in bad shape right now but I am determined to keep at it regardless.
Wow.. I really hope you get better soon!

Ugh. It sucks to have to pretend to be someone you are not just so you won't get treated badly.. so unfair...
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