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Ladies! Cosplay Group, Maybe? [Bay Area, CA]

Hello, ladies. c:

I've always wanted to be apart of a fun, relaxed all girls cosplay group. I just think it would be SUPER awesome to work with a group of confident female cosplayers who want to just bring their characters to life~ I figured we could come up with a cool name (not something unoriginal like "Neko Girls Cosplay" or something silly like that...) and just choose some cosplays to do together. c: Like MLP, Disney, Sailor Moon, ect ect.

Anyone interested?
I live in San Jose, so cosplayers in that area would be best. I go to Fanime, AOD, and Kin-Yoobi Con every year. I hope to go to Japan Expo USA, SDCC, and Gaymercon.
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