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Originally Posted by Xanarcah View Post
Yeah, BRSB is a really big project. o: Once you learn LEDs and resin, teach me teach me. o: I need to learn one or both for future costumes.

And we should totally take pictures together. : D Homura is going to look super shabby next to your Goddess Madoka, though. xD; Ohwell.

At least most of the Goddess Madoka project will be sewing-intensive. Unless you're making her bow/wings to go along with it? I find that sewing goes a lot faster than props. Because waiting for things to dry.

Maybe I'm going to try going to Fanime. o: Still not sure about what I'm doing. Partially because I don't know when my wedding is going to be... Probably the year after, at this rate. .-.
I could try, though I'm not sure how good I am at teaching. xD;

We totally should! c: And pfff I'm sure you'll look fantastic. xD

Making the bow and wings for sure. I'm kind of a perfectionist, y'know. xD And usually in that sort of situation I'm pretty good at bouncing between tasks; when making Pinkie I had to wait for fabric paint to dry at times so I would bounce between painting the lollipops and candy corn on the white fabric, making ruffles with the pink fabric, and working on other props, plus homework. It was kinda crazy. xD;



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