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Okay great! We'll be there first thing in the morning on saturday and stay for a reasonable time. Maybe a lot later, because we live in windsor. And it's a very far drive to Toronto.

But I can't wait! Hope to see you also.
Upcoming cosplays!

Anime North 2014:

During Saturday, I will either cosplay for half a day, or come back for Sunday to cosplay as Death The Kid. But on Saturday I will be Koushiro Izumi! (Still have a cosplay in progress)
  • Death The Kid [SOUL EATER](in progress)
  • Koushiro Izumi [DIGIMON] ( Completed)
  • Kiki [Kiki's Delivery Service] (IN PROGRESS
  • Koushiro Izumi Season 2 [DIGIMON] ( 9/10 complete!)

Anime North 2015:

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